Medical Facilities Corporation: DR

Medical Facilities Corp checks all the right boxes. In my opinion, it represents the most compelling opportunity in the Canadian public markets on a risk-reward basis. High gross margin business Low debt Trades at a cheap earnings multiple High, sustainable dividend Opportunities for growth Low risk business model Favorable demographic trends Who Are They? Medical … Continue reading Medical Facilities Corporation: DR


AltaGas Ltd. Subscription Receipts: ALA.R

Knowledge is power. It's a fundamental truism in investing. All edge gained when investing comes when the buyer (/seller) believes they are better informed than the seller (/buyer). The more complex a security, the harder it is for the unsophisticated investor to gauge an investment's payout. This has two interesting implications: When a fund of complex … Continue reading AltaGas Ltd. Subscription Receipts: ALA.R

Aimia Inc. Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares: AIM.PR.C

Release Date: 28/11/2016 As an inaugural post this blog will cover Aimia Inc. Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares Series 3. They trade on the TSX under the ticker AIM.PR.C Full Issue Details here Both Aimia's common stock and prefs have been under pressure for two years now and look incredibly cheap. As can be seen below … Continue reading Aimia Inc. Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares: AIM.PR.C